Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meaning & Uses of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of internet marketing techniques that has been becoming vastly popular of late. The word affiliate means "additional" or "secondary". Hence the term affiliate marketing is an addition to the original conventional direct marketing method.

In affiliate marketing the internet plays an important role because this brings the buyer and seller close to each other. A bond is setup even without private contact. The seller promotes his product or his request via a website. The seller comes to know about this via different search engines. For instance paid surveys are one classic example of affiliate marketing.

Every business is depending on the response of the consumer. It is very vital to conduct a thorough market investigation to analyze the consumer satisfaction towards a particular product. What better way to check this out, than getting direct feedback from the customers himself. The business website produces an online questionnaire which has numerous questions regarding the product satisfaction, consumer feedback, suggestions etc. The user has to fill up some questionnaires online on buyer’s website. The good thing about this entire task is that, the user will be getting paid for finishing up the survey. Hence just by answering few simple questionnaires regarding a product one uses, one gets paid handsomely.

Affiliate marketing has numerous advantages. The initial and leading thing is that they help in great savings of cost, time and energy. In direct marketing meeting with the consumers and explaining the products and advantages of it and finally getting a deal with them takes a lot of time. However in affiliate marketing, just by a click the buyer and seller are introduced to each other. You have to invest minimum and a personalized website to excel in business.

Secondly, the money savings are big in affiliate marketing. In direct marketing, you have to travel a lot to meet customers. Setting up an offline business also requires big investment and essential sanctions from the government for starting up business in some areas. There is lot of mediators associated in this and if the business has to be starting up properly, all these mediators must be paid highly. Therefore, other than the key business costs, these type of secondary costs bring up a big bill. All these costs are baseless in case of affiliate marketing, because everything is set up online.

The third and the most vital benefits is that one can have a best work life balance. The user is able to make money by working just for an hour or two from home. Hence this helps in conducting individual obligations very effectively in addition to official obligations. The working hours are very flexible and making money via affiliate marketing is not too demanding from the user's viewpoint. The user can effectively distribute his / her private time for many productive purposes. Hence affiliate marketing is one good way to make quick money from working at home itself. Numerous numbers of students and housewives are getting into this business day by day.

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