Monday, June 13, 2011

SEO for Beginners--Step By Step SEO Tutorial

Welcome to the SEO for Beginners Session. Its great you have decided to learn this online technique to earn money through simple seo process. Well I hope I can explain everything very clearly. It is complicated at first, if you have not ever used, but after some time you will feel everything very easy. Please keep it mind, seo is a simple, easy but time consuming process.

Let's start with this. I assure you that you will love and you can do it easily.

Here i'll write everything about seo, better to read and apply one step daily.

The simple steps will be included the following

1. You need a website or Blog
2. You need a Google Adsense Account
3. Understanding of SEO process
4. Add Google Adsence code in your website
5. Promote your website
6. Get paid if someone clicks on your adds.

1st Step
Before you begin, You need some understand about seo. Spend this day to study the different seo topics that are given in this website like what is seo, on-page seo, off-page seo, seo tools and other seo topics. Go to the home page of this site and start learnign different topics. I know, if you are beginners, you will not understand clearly what I am saying, but when you will start your seo process, it will be helpful for you. So read these all topics and try to understand the theme.

2nd Step
Now you have learned that what is seo and have gained some basic seo training, we will proceed further. For this new seo process, you need your own website. This is not a costly, you can purchase your domain and hosting package from anywhere. It costs round about 15 to 20 US Dollars per year or Rs. 2000 per year. If you do not know what is domain and hosting, you should study this topic

What is Domain and Hosting?
Although you can purchase your domain and hosting from anywhere, but I suggest the Blue Host. This is the best hosting providing company with best services.

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